1 liter of olive or sunflower oil


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4 - 12 years


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What do I need?

The package contains the supplies for 1 lice outbreak, so that is for 2 treatments as you must repeat the treatment after 9 days. The funnel is made of stone paper and if you rinse it well, it goes a few more times. For use in a subsequent attack, you need: oil, hairnet, cotton wool, talcum powder, teatje, shampoo, squeezer or rubber band, washing-up liquid (for cleaning the hood) and a plastic bag to throw away the oil .

What do I do with the cotton wool?

You put the cotton wool in your ears and in the dimples behind your earlobes. If you do not do this or do not do it carefully, the LiceHat can leak there..

How do I properly place the LiceHat on my head?

Pull the LiceHat well over the ears and back of the neck, so that all the hair and the hairnet are underneath. Leave the forehead about 3 cm above the eyebrows. Then you have some space in the top of the hood. Then you pull the hood a bit in a gully, so that the oil can flow well everywhere. When the oil is in and the squeezer or rubber band is on, you gently bend your head forward and both sides aside, so that the oil has really gone everywhere. Repeat that again after 5 minutes.

Why an old towel?

If you mess with the oil, you do not want to get it on a nice towel. Put that old towel - if there is oil on it - first in the week before you put it in the washing machine..

Why do I have to repeat the treatment?

The nits do not die because of the oil. So those baby lice must also die. To ensure that all nits have gone (6th or 7th day after the first treatment) repeat the treatment after 9 days. It takes 17 days before a baby lice ​is ready to breed. So even if it has not been possible to repeat it after 9 days, it still makes sense to repeat the treatment until 17 days after the first treatment. More information about the life cycle of lice can be found on http://www.hoofdluiscampagne.nl/luizen-bestrijden/

How often can I use the hood?

You can use the hood at least 10 times, we have tested that ourselves. But maybe 20 times, if you take good care of it. Mabel, the producer of the Licehat, guarantees the elasticity for 3 years, but it you are careful with it, it may lastt for 5 or 10 years. '.

Why can not I do this with water?

Lice do not drown in water. They either die in oil or become unconscious. That's why you comb the oil with a good metal lice comb, so you take the unconscious lice with you effortlessly. It's just an easy way to remove them. .

Can I reuse the oil?

Yes you can.

Why do I have to clean and dry the hood so thoroughly?

If you do not, the hood shrinks and the latex no longer stretches properly. You use the talcum powder to prevent the cap from sticking together.

Why a funnel?

This makes it easier to pour oil into the hood. No funnel in the house? Slide the bottle into the trunk of the Lice Hood. Only then keep the bottle upside down so that the oil can run out of the bottle into the Lice Hood. Or cut off the top of a plastic bottle, about 10 cm under the cap, then you also have a funnel.

Why do I still need a plastic bag?

To pout the oil in, after use


Treat in the bathroom

Use the Lice Hood preferably in the bathroom. And stay with your child! You do not want him or her to run through your house with a liter of oil on the head: -))

Hair washing

DO NOT wet the hair with water before you apply shampoo. Lubricate the shampoo directly on it with hair soaked by the oil. Then you get the oil out faster.

Cleaning The LiceHat

Clean the Licehat with detergent (or shampoo) and then rinse with warm (not too hot!) water. Do this 2 or if necessary 3 times carefully, until all the oil is removed. Then dry the Licehat with a tea towel or kitchen roll. If you have a hair dryer in your home ... that goes even faster. Then powder the hood thoroughly inside and out with talcum powder. Then put it in the plastic bag supplied with the small 'silicone thing', because that will remove all moisture. Pay attention! If you do not store the Licehat correctly, the quality really deteriorates. And it will stick and shrivel.

Can I dispose of the oil by pouring down the sink?

No, in most cases this will block the drain..

This is how you get the oil everywhere

By carefully moving the head from front to back, from left to right, the oil comes everywhere. It feels just as crazy, but gets used quickly! Repeat this after 5 minutes if you really do not want to take any risks.


The hair band is placed on the edge of the hood, so that there are no droplets of oil running along your face or in your neck.


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